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A Box Full of Feelings

( Κωδικός: 006-5446 )
Συγγραφέας : Marina Kog Julia Moons
ISBN : 9781901487039


An activity set for children aged between 2 and 7 The Box Full of Feelings is designed to support the social-emotional development of children aged two to seven. The set is built around four basic feelings: • happiness • fear • anger • sadness. The Box contains the basic material to get children involved in more than 20 different activities, all year round. They can be offered in a flexible way: as guided group activities, as optional activities, as part of a separate area for social-emotional development or occasionally as a response to certain events. Use a Box Full of Feelings to help children remain or get in touch with their inner world of feelings, recognise emotions in themselves, accept them, name them and have a more differentiated awareness of them. Gradually they will also learn to take the perspective of the others and empathise with others’ perceptions and emotions, to feel the impact of their actions and realise that people don’t experience the same events in the same way. All this is at the heart of emotional intelligence.

The impact of using the Box is significant: practitioners report how children are more alert to utterances of feelings, how they use a more differentiated vocabulary concerning emotions, how their intuitions become more refined and how their role-taking capacity expands. Because they can express feelings in a more appropriate way their capacity to cope with painful experiences gets stronger, with inner calm and serenity as a result. This is even reflected at group level. The Box Full of Feelings has been developed at the Research Centre for Experiental Education (Leuven University, Belgium) under the supervision of Prof Dr F Laevers.   

  •  48 situational pictures (11 x 11cm) each basic feeling has 12 pictures, with a short story and questions on the reverse
  • 16 pictures of the emotion figures (11 x 11cm)
  • 4 posters with the emotion figures (42 x 29.5cm)
  • 17 finger dolls
  • 4 carry-around houses of emotions
  • 4 masks depicting each feeling for children or adults to wear
  • A wheel of emotions with spinner (for games)
  • CD of emotive music
  • Instruction manual including photocopiable activities
  • Sturdy storage box with carry handle.