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Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Third Edition (Bayley-III)

( Κωδικός: Bayley-III_completekit )
Συγγραφέας : Nancy Bayley 2005
Για ηλικίες: 1 month to 42 months
Contents: Administration: 30 minutes to 90 minutes (depending upon the age of child)
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The Bayley Scales of Infant Development (Bayley-III) are recognised internationally as one of the most comprehensive tools to assess children from as young as one month old. With Bayley-III, it is possible to obtain detailed information even from non-verbal children as to their functioning.

Children are assessed in the five key developmental domains of cognition, language, social-emotional, motor and adaptive behaviour.

Bayley-III offers significant additions and improvements to the previous editions.

Key features:

Core battery of five scales: Three sales administered with child interaction; cognitive, motor, language. Two scales conducted with parent questionnaires; social-emotional, adaptive behaviour
Caregiver Report Form - a template for the examiner to provide scores, information on tests given, how child performed and recommendations
Behaviour Observation Inventory - separate scale for validating examiner and parent perceptions of the child's responses
New norms based on 1,700 children stratified according age, based on the 2000 US Census
Ideal for team-testing or multi-disciplinary teams where a professional in each area may assess the child
Flexible - can administer one or more domain subtests individually
Rolling case for ease of travel


Social-emotional subtest - Authored by one of the USA's leading experts in child development, Stanley Greenspan
Adaptive Behaviour subtest - Written by ABAS-II authors Patti L Harrison and Thomas Oakland
Caregiver Report - With suggestions to help parents plan for their child
Growth Scores and Growth Charts - Chart a child's growth over time
Screening Test - A true screener to determine if further testing is indicated


Easier to administer, more user-friendly; easy-to-follow record forms, easel-back stimulus book, child-appealing manipulatives and play-based items to facilitate assessment
Easier to determine if child performed the target behaviour
Simplified scoring rules
Extended floor and ceiling - Clinician can more easily identify lower functioning infants and toddlers
Improved clinical studies - Special data collected and presented on children with high-incidence clinical diagnoses
More parent/caregiver involvement - New test items allow for family input
Reduced kit weight and size

Link between assessment and intervention

Bayley-III identifies infant and toddler strengths and competencies, as well as their weakness. It also provides a valid and reliable measure of a child's abilities, in addition to giving comparison data for children with high-incidence clinical diagnoses. Growth scores can be used to chart intervention progress, and it's useful in programme evaluation, ongoing monitoring of progress and outcome measurement.


Complete kit:
Includes administration manual, technical manual, 25 cognitive, language and motor record forms, stimulus book, picture book, 3 sets of manipulables, 25 social-emotional and adaptive behaviour questionnaires, 25 caregiver report forms and administration DVD in a rolling case




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9780158027289Administration manual
9780158027333Stimulus book
9780158027319Motor scale record forms, pack of 25
9780158027562Social-emotional and adaptive behaviour questionnaires, pack of 25
9780158027296Technical manual
9780158027302Cognitive, language and motor record forms, pack of 25
9780158027647Cognitive record forms, pack of 25
9780158027654Language record forms, pack of 25
9780158027579Parent report forms, pack of 25
9780158027340Picture book
9780158027616Bayley-III Administration DVD
9780158027357Manipulative set 1
9780158027241Complete kit
9780158027395Manipulables set 2
9780158440804Manipulables set 3