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Miller Function & Participation Scales (MfunPS)

( Κωδικός: 9780158015880 )
ISBN : 9780158015880


Product Description

The developmental assessment tool to:

  • Assess functional motor skills in natural contexts
  • Measure performance and participation in 2.6 – 7.11 year olds
  • Link performance of functional activities to neuromotor foundational abilities
  • Use as an outcome measure to monitor progress over time

Developed in line with the ICF framework

Miller Function and Participation Scales incorporates hands-on functional activities that appeal to children, with items that examine children’s development in fine, gross and visual motor skills.

Key features:

  • Identify underlying neuromotor foundations through engaging, functional activities and occupations
  • Applicable to children with mild to severe motor delays
  • Provides standard and criterion-referenced scores
  • Strong reliability and validity evidence in both normative and clinical groups

Miller Function and Participation Scales is engaging for all children, including those with mild, moderate or severe motor impairment. Children with lower motor-function skills can also participate in test activities.

International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

The World Health Assembly endorses the ICF and encourages its use in research and observation of a person’s healthcare. In line with the ICF framework, the Miller Function and Participation Scales addresses activity and participation as well as body structure and function.



  • Visual motor
  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor

Scores available: scaled scores, percentiles and age equivalents


Observational checklists in:

  • Test environment
  • Home environment
  • Classroom environment

Scores available: average, below average and well below average

Clinical utility

  • Outcome measure: track improvement with progress scores
  • Monitor growth in motor ability over time with multiple administrations
  • Includes a profile that enables you to examine the child’s ability in the areas of:
    - Hand function
    - Non-motor visual perceptual abilities
    - Postural abilities
    - Executive function and participation

Includes these fun, age-appropriate activities:

  • Amazing Mazes
  • Race Car Game
  • Clay Play
  • Make a Fish
  • Bouncing Ball Game