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(AFLS) Assessment of Functional Living Skills

( Κωδικός: AFLS )
Συγγραφέας : James W. Partington, PhD, BCBA-D, Michael M. Mueller, PhD, BCBA-D
Για ηλικίες: 2 years and up
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Benefits : Provides a systematic way to evaluate, track, and teach functional, adaptive, and self-help skills so that individuals with autism or developmental delays can become more independent

Admin Time: Depends on the skill level of the individual being evaluated and the administrator’s familiarity with that individual

Format:Skill ratings completed by parents, educators, or therapists, using information from observation, interview, and task performance—plus a progress-tracking grid and teaching guidance based on task analyses

Scores:Criterion-related scores for each task

Publish Date:2012

Qualifications: Level B required

Using the AFLS, you can help individuals with autism or developmental delays become more independent at home, at school, at work, or in the community. Composed of a Guide and six Assessment Protocols, the AFLS is an evaluation tool, skill-tracking system, and instructional blueprint, complete with task analyses and teaching suggestions. This remarkable system assesses 735 functional skills in the following areas:

  • Basic Living Skills
  • Home Skills
  • Community Participation
  • School Skills
  • Vocational Skills
  • Independent Living Skills

You can use any or all of the six Assessment Protocols to help individuals become more independent or transition into a new environment. For example, AFLS evaluation and task analyses can help prepare a child with autism to enter the school system or assist a young adult in acquiring the functional skills needed to hold down a job.

Κατάλογος Υποπροιόντων
Κωδικός Περιγραφή Ποσότητα
BA-3AFLS Set Includes Guide; 1 Basic Living Skills Assessment Protocol; 1 Home Skills Assessment Protocol; and 1 Community Participation Assessment Protocol (Note: School Skills Assessment Protocol, Vocational Skills Assessment Protocol, and Independent Living Skills Assessment Protocol are not included in the Set)
BA-3AAFLS Basic Living Skills Assessment Protocol
BA-3BAFLS Home Skills Assessment Protocol
BA-3CAFLS Community Participation Assessment Protocol
BA-3DAFLS School Skills Assessent Protocol
BA-3EAFLS Vocational Skills Assessment Protocol
BA-3FAFLS Independent Living Skills Assessment Protocol