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( Κωδικός: 12215 )
Contents: Contents: 30 pairs of coloured cards with 3 to 8 differences each, 12 playing cards. With istructions.
Για ηλικίες: All ages


Language skills, visual perceptions, basic skills

All ages, for two players, but also suitable for individual work

In an exciting duel, two players have to chase differences in tow almost identical pictures. A game that helps practicing observation and language skills.
“Find the differences!” – We have turned this popular game into an entertaining game for two players. 30 pairs of cards show the same picture with small differences in some details. Each player gets one card, and now the two players have to find the differences without looking at the other players card, but by asking one another questions about details. When a player has found the difference, he can turn a playing card. The more differences are found, the more exciting the game, because whoever finds the last difference and can turn the last card is the winner.

DIFFERENTO does not only help practicing observation skills, but also many other important basic skills such as listening comprehension, memory and concentration. Since the description of details requires precise wording, the game is an excellent means for training language skills.

DIFFERENTO is suitable for all ages and is fun even for adults. The game is designed for two players, but finding the differences can be set as a task for an individual child, too.