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Personal Relationships

( Κωδικός: 0015285 )
Contents: Format 48 laminated cards 148 x 210 mm + instruction booklet, boxed
ISBN : 0863885594


 Designed to help students understand and discuss personal relationships, this illustrated set shows different kinds of relationships and also the progression of attachments from initial meeting to sexual activity.

The set features the full range of relationships from parental and familial, through professional (boss and employee) and friendship, to same-sex and both-sex meeting, dating and having sex.

The 48 illustrations feature people of all ages (from baby to older person) and from a range of ethnic backgrounds.

Unlike photographic images, these lifelike computer-generated illustrations will enable all students to generalise the situations and will be helpful for adolescents and adults with learning disabilities or Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

1. Father and baby.
2. Mother and baby.
3. Man and child.
4. Woman and child.
5. Siblings.
6. Grandparents and grandchildren.
7. Family group.
8. Single parent family group (father and children).
9. Single parent family group (mother and child).
10. School friends.
11. Teenager group of friends.
12. Adult group of friends.
13. Older adults group of friends.
14. Teacher and pupil.
15. Nurse and patient.
16. Doctor and patient.
17. Boy and girl being introduced.
18. Boy and girl meeting.
19. Boy and girl holding hands - dating.
20. Boy and girl kissing.
21. Man and woman being introduced.
22. Man and woman meeting.
23. Man and woman holding hands - dating.
24. Man and woman in restaurant - dating.
25. Man and woman hugging intimately.
26. Man and woman kissing.
27. Man and woman touching intimately.
28. Man and woman having sexual intercourse.
29. Man and woman co-habiting.
30. Two women meeting.
31. Two women in bar - dating.
32. Two women holding hands - dating.
33. Two women hugging intimately.
34. Two women kissing.
35. Two women touching each other.
36. Two women having sexual intercourse.
37. Two women co-habiting.
38. Two men meeting.
39. Two men holding hands - dating.
40. Two men in restaurant - dating.
41. Two men hugging intimately.
42. Two men kissing.
43. Two men touching each other.
44. Two men having sexual intercourse.
45. Two men co-habiting.
46. Older man and woman touching intimately.
47. Older man and woman having sexual intercourse.
48. Older man and woman co-habiting