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Helping Children with Fear & Teenie Weenie in a Too Big World Set

( Κωδικός: 0025155 )
Συγγραφέας : Margot Sunderland Nicky Armstrong
ISBN : 0863884644


A guidebook to help children who

Worry a lot or exhibit signs of ongoing anxiety
Experience the world as an unsafe place
Suffer from phobias, obsessions or nightmares
Are scared to tell someone that they are scared
Know a terrible loneliness
Feel insignificant in a world of adult giants
Feel defeated by life or need help in being assertive
Feel so impotent that their only way to feel any potency is to be mute.

Teenie Weenie in a Too Big World

A story for fearful children

One day Teenie Weenie finds himself in a screechy, scary place. The worse it gets, the smaller Teenie Weenie feels. Teenie Weenie feels terrified and desperately alone. But after a while, with a Wip Wop bird and his friend Hoggie, Teenie Weenie learns about the power of together. He comes to know how very different things look when it's an us not just a me. And so, whenever Teenie Weenie finds himself struggling alone with something too difficult or too frightening, he finds some together.