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Living Beyond Brain Injury: A Resource Manual

( Κωδικός: 002-5988 )
Συγγραφέας : Vicki Hall
ISBN : 9781909301429


A brain injury can have a dramatic effect on all areas of a person’s life. This manual is designed to provide an understanding of some of the effects of a brain injury and how to manage them. It focuses on how brain injury may affect thinking skills (e.g. memory), emotions and other related areas (e.g. sleep, work and driving).



  • Provides techniques based on psychological approaches, which have been shown to be effective with people who have experienced a brain injury
  • In clear and understandable language it helps you to understand how to cope with cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes that come about following a serious brain injury or illness
  • Covers important areas of readjustment in the community, such as going back to work and driving
  • Provides a self-help resource for clients with a brain injury
  • Includes a series of Appendices which offer a set of practical guides to help implement therapeutic activities
  • Includes a resource manual for clinicians and carers / families to work through with brain injury survivors

Chapter breakdown

Part 1: Understanding and management 3

  1. Understanding and managing low mood 5
  2. Understanding and managing emotionalism 9
  3. Understanding and managing anger and irritability 11
  4. Understanding and managing anxiety 15
  5. Understanding and managing fatigue 20
  6. Understanding and managing sleep problems 24
  7. Understanding and managing chronic pain 26
  8. Understanding and managing memory problems 30
  9. Understanding and managing problems with attention and concentration 34
  10. Understanding and managing executive skills 36
  11. Understanding and managing visual problems 40

Part 2: Getting back to life 43

      12. Returning to driving 45
      13. Returning to work 47

Part 3: Appendices 51


All Ages, 96pp wire-o-bound

Includes CD